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Welcome I’m Chelz Franzer – a passionate acrylic artist on a mission to make the world a more colorful place.

About Chelzart: I’m a Long Beach, California freelance artist and designer. Painting pet portraits are my specialty but I can create whatever your heart desires with my vibrant color palette. I even instruct private art lessons and have my own mobile painting party business: The Paint Sesh. Living & creating colorfully is who I am.

The world is only as colorful as the paint that you allow on your palette.”   -Anna Hardy

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About Chelzart: My Creative Journey

my artistic journey

Ever since I picked up a crayon, I knew I was destined for a creative life larger than what I was given in my lil’ village I grew up in Ohio. After I graduated high school, I trusted my intuition & decided to go to an art school in Pennsylvania where I received my Associate Degree in Digital Illustration. The next thing I knew I was in Louisiana working as a graphic designer, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something. I decided to head out to the west coast of Long Beach, California. Full-time graphic artist by day & a part-time art instructor by night.

what i do now

Having a steady desk job was great, as well as instructing painting classes for a paint and sip company but I knew I wanted something more.I decided to take the plunge in starting my own mobile painting party business: The Paint Sesh (with the help of my lovely, talented boyfriend, Chris.) By instructing my painting classes I am able to network and freelance as an artist and designer by creating colorfully with Chelzart.

About Chelzart: Art Instructor Chelz Franzer

about chelzart

I’m always looking for new ways of keeping my vision alive. Going on photography adventures, is another way I get to express myself through art. Whether I’m behind a camera, canvas, or computer I am genuinely happy doing what I love: BEING CREATIVE! Art is a way of life for me… art is my life.

what inspires me?

What inspires me the most as an artist is the world surrounded by me. The skies, nature, beaches, creatures…everything and anything. There is too much dark, negative things in this life already. Which is why I wanted to start creating through my eyes, my perspective which consists of bright, fun colors that you can’t help but make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The world can be such a beautiful place if you view it at the right perspective.

– xoxo Chelz Franzer

About Chelzart: Shutterbug Chelz Franzer

let’s collaborate

Getting to see rewarding smiles on the faces of those whom I help accomplish their creative vision, are the kind of vibes I live by. If you want to know more about Chelzart I’d love to connect. Whether it’s a custom art pet portrait, logo design, or one-on-one art lessons, I’m here for here for you. So why not create something beautiful together? Contact me and let’s collaborate. I reside in Long Beach, California but I can come meet you!

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