Best Instrumental Songs to Create to: Playlist

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Best Instrumental Songs to Create to

Music and art go hand-and-hand for me. As I’m sure it does for a lot of creatives out there. Good music helps me to escape my overthinking, critical mind when I’m trying to paint, or do other artsy things. I like a wide variety of music so I decided to categorize each playlist by genre.  Since theres way too much music out there, I narrowed my music selection to best instrumental songs to create to. If I didn’t categorize my playlist by genre, I would have a never ending playlist


Painting to Instrumental Music

Classical/instrumental music is probably my favorite kind of music to paint to. Having music playing without lyrics really helps you dive into your art or whatever you may be creating. You don’t have any lyrics to focus on, you can just vibe with the music and let the inspiration flow through you and you’ll be in a better head space to start creating!

Spotify Playlist

You wanna go straight to my Spotify playlist? You can listen to my Best Songs to Create to – Instrumental here:


The list of my best instrumental songs to create to:


1.) Visioneers – Ike’s Mood I


I definitely recommend listening to Ike’s Mood I, first. It’s a good jam to get you moving and to start being productive. Visioneers have such a unique hip hop, jazz vibe to them which makes you want to hear more. You can’t go wrong with the Dirty Old Mix Tape album.


2.) 2 Cellos – Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony

(…or any song by them, really!)


Where do I even begin with 2 Cellos? Pretty much every song they cover is FLAWLESS. I’m a sucker for cellos though so I’m sure my opinion is probably biased. Oh, did I mention they do rock covers? How can I resist, cello rock?! Needless to say, it was very hard choosing only one of my favorite songs from this unique duo. If you haven”t listened to them be sure to check out their other songs, I swear I haven’t heard a bad one yet.


3.) Ratatat – Loud Pipes


Showing up at #3 of my best instrumental songs to create to is Ratatat. Anything Ratatat makes for good background music. Especially since its electronic rock it’ll help your productiveness.


4.) Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces


Now let’s go back to the 1970’s to the Funk era. Pick up the Pieces is a classic and a great song to not only get those creative juices flowing… but to groove out while your getting in your zone. Everyone needs to dance it out every now an then.


5.) Lindsey Sterling – Crystalize


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not THAT big of fan of Lindsey Sterling, until I heard Crystalize. When I first listened to this song it made me want to do something epic. Adding dubstep to violin playing is absolute genius, providing you with a classical style with a modern day taste.


6.) The XX – Intro


The XX self entitled album XX is probably one of my favorite albums. The intro gets you hooked. It’s one of my most played songs on iTunes. You can event listen to it on a loop so that way it will keep replaying…I swear it doesn’t get old! No wander why its in my playlist fore best instrumental songs to create to.


7.) Jennifer Thomas – Illumination


Have you ever seen the movie Requiem for a Dream? (If not, it’s an absolute must see! Just don’t watch alone or if you’re sad… it’ll leave you with chills.) Illumination is a remake of Lux Aeternacomposed by Clint Mansell, performed by the Kronos Quartet which is the key song played throughout the movie. I still get chills hearing this song.


8.) The Piano Guys – Titanium


So I’m realizing that I just remakes of popular songs. Maybe because the popular songs are just too overplayed on the radio so its nice to hear a fresh new perspective? I dunno, but Titanium sounds much better to me with a classical twist. I’m sure most of us have heard the song Titanium by David Guetta. The Piano Guys give the song some more soul!


9.) Nightmares On Wax – Nights Interlude


Nights interlude is another fun hip hop/ instrumental combo. Nights was released in the 90’s and as we all know a lot of the best things came from 90’s! Am I right?


10.) Allah-Las – “No Werewolf”


Not only is the video trippy but the tunes has a sort of psychedelic style too it. Kinda reminds me of the surfer rock, beach music. If your’e into psychedelic rock your definitely take a listen to Allah-las‘s other music. It’s all good!


More instrumental songs to create to…

That pretty much sums up my first playlist of  As I stated before thats just the first one of many. Feel free to leave a comment of any instrumental songs you like creating too. (Or really any songs in general.) I love hearing new songs. Don’t be shy and share your tunes. I could talk music for hours.

-Happy creating!

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