Happy Buddha The Paint Sesh Painting

Happy Buddha The Paint Sesh Paint and Puff Painting

“Happy Buddha” is going to be scheduled for an upcoming Paint & Puff 420-Friendly Cannabis Event for my mobile painting party business The Paint Sesh, so come paint with me if your out in Inland Empire or Southern California area. I haven’t even started #The100DayProject and I’m already doing all the creative things,  like my “Happy Buddha” The Paint Sesh paint and puff painting that’s how inspired I am! This is gonna be good, I can feel it!

My 100 Day Project challenge is going to be #100DaysofCreatingColorfully where I’m going to just create with vibrant colors, whether it’s painting, drawing, or taking photos! I can’t decide on one medium! See my last post for the deets of my art challenge. I was going to start my art challenge today but I figured why not start with everyone else?! I’d rather be part of the group so we can all encourage and support one another! Let’s do this!

Home is Where the heART is

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“Wearing Your Heart on your Sleeves” found a home! ❤️

Thanks you to an old classmate of mine, for taking interest in my work, enough to purchase an original! Nothing makes you feel better than someone actually have someone take a second glance at your art. Especially when an original piece is apart of you.

Support your friends! ?