colorful custom art

Colorful custom art by Chelz Franzer:

Colorful custom art by Chelzart is the perfect way to honor treasured memories and connections to others. Give an inspiring gift that is uniquely personal to a loved one, or just treat yourself with something pretty!

There’s plenty of reasons to get a handcrafted piece of art. Whether it’s for your home or office, make your art a true reflection of who you are and what you like!

  • Do you have an empty wall, that’s begging for some vibrant life?

  • Are you bored of the meaningless wall decor that everyone else has and want something completely custom?

  • Do you want to celebrate an anniversary or another important occasion in a meaningful way?

  • Did a loved one pass away and you would like to honor their memory in a creative way?

I will work with you throughout the entire creative process and guarantee your satisfaction. Thanks, to my broad knowledge of acrylic paint, your colorful custom art will be made with heart!

Colorful Custom Art subjects:

Custom Pet Portrait painting "Waldo"

pet portrait

• dogs/puppies

• cats/kittens

• rabbits & more

Laguna Beach Paradise


• landscape

• cityscape

• seascape


other art

• food & drinks

• creatures

• people

Colorful Custom Art Process

1: send reference

Please email any references to: I am only as good as the photo you send so please try your best to send bright, clear, crisp photos. You will then receive and estimated complete date.

Good Photo:
sharp & bright


Bad Photo:
blurry & dark

2: creativity begins

After the deposit is submitted, I will begin your painting and work my colorful magic! Feel free to suggest color options or let me know more about your colorful custom art.

3: show off

Your colorful custom painting is finished and ready to be shipped. After the artwork is shipped, via USPS, your painting is ready to be hung!

Custom Pet Portraits: Before and After

Custom Art Testimonials


Colorful Custom Art Commission

Quality, Affordable, & Creative.

Request Your Custom Art

  • Any special color requests, etc?


Every colorful custom art painting is completely personable and unique, there isn’t a set price until I can find out more what you’re looking for. Fill out a form to get an estimate.

Each artwork will receive a custom quote. The final tally will depend on size, subject, etc. You won’t find these prices for a colorful custom artwork by Chelzart anywhere else!


A 50% deposit is required before the painting can begin. I accept payment through   PayPal  or  Venmo. 

Lead Time

Custom artwork lead time varies but typically is finished within 2-4 weeks of placing the commission. (This does not including shipping days.) If you have a date you need the custom artwork by, please let me know so I can make the deadline!


Chelz’s studio is local to Riverside, CA but I can hand deliver your painting to you in the Southern California region of Los, Angeles, Inland Empire, & Orange County surrounding areas.

Located somewhere else? No worries, I can safely package your painting and ship your custom art anywhere in the U.S.

Size Guide

*Larger or different sizes available on request. (Including: panoramic, circle, and oval shaped canvases, etc.)

Canvas Sizes:

8″ x 10″  = $125

10” x 10” = $150

 9″ x 12″  = $175

12” x 12” = $200



20″ x 20″ = $375

18” x 24” = $450

20″ x 24″ = $525

24″ x 30″ = $600

11″ x 14″ = $225

12″ x 16″ = $250

14″ x 14″ = $250

16” x 20” = $300

Feeling inspired?