Craft Fair and Vendor Booth Checklist: A Complete Guide for Makers

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I remember when I did my first art walk, it was over a year ago. I participated in the Riverside Arts Walk in Downtown Riverside, CA. I was unsure of what I all needed for my art walk display. I had never done any sort of art display before. Therefore, Google was my best friend. I searched and searched to try and see if anyone had wrote an article of what to bring with you for your art walk display…no such luck. I decided to wing it for my first one.


Vendor Booth Checklist

Since then I have done quite a few art walks in Southern California especially in Riverside, CA. Now I have such a better idea what every artist should have at their booth whether its for an art walk, fair, festival, or farmers market.  I wanted to share this article with other creatives who are unsure since there’s not much out there (as far as lists go.) I’m the list queen, so I hope this helps! (I know a lot of these are common sense but I sure could have used this list when I first participated in art walks!)

* (Keep in mind what I listed is more of a helpful guide. You don’t NEED everything on my list.)

Riverside, CA Artswalk

Riverside Arts walk in Downtown Riverside, CA.

Folding Tables

Seems like an easy enough item to have. Tables are always a smart thing to have. Whether you want to display your prints, business cards, or whatever else you’re trying to sell, it never hurts to have a table, or two. Obviously the plastic folding tables are ideal because you can transport them a lot easier. I use the 6 foot folding tables. They work perfect for most 10′ x 10′ art booth spaces.

Home Depot:

Tall Folding Chair

Having a chair is something that is easily forgotten. (Half the time I forget to bring a chair, myself.) Some art walks last a few hours so you’ll end up doing a lot of standing. If you have a chair you can rest your bum in-between talking to people that come to your art booth.


EZ-Up Canopy

EZ-ups aren’t mandatory by any means. When I first started doing art walks I didn’t have one. I eventually invested my art sells into getting one. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine going back without my EZ-UP. I live in the Inland Empire, Riverside, CA it gets HOT in the summer or anywhere in Southern California, really. The EZ-UP provides a nice shade to your art walk display so that way your not having to bare that burning sun. Plus, it just looks more pro!



Cash AND Credit Card Reader

This brings me to the next item on my list of what to have for your booth. Nine times out of ten, customers that come to your booth are going to be paying with cash, so be sure to have cash on hand to give them their change. We do live in the modern day and age of people wanting to pay with their card. Square Credit Card Processing is your best option. You just plug in the device to your phone and bam you can start swiping away.




Let people know who you are and most importantly where they can find you. Banners are perfect for branding you and your art. Just be sure to have a call to action. For instance a website, social links, etc. Banners make a huge difference in standing out from all the other local artists. Vista print has some affordable banners.

Vista Print Banner


Business Cards… or Flyers


This goes along with having a banner. Make sure people know who you are, what you do, and where they can find you aka call to action! There’s plenty of websites where you can get affordable business cards. Don’t overlook not having any, it’s one of the most important things to have for your art walk display. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on marketing material so I just use Vista Print. I’ve never had any issues!

Vista Print Business Cards


Lights, Lights, Lights!

If you’re doing an art walk in the evenings its obviously going to get dark at some point. Depending on the type of art walk it is sometimes you can have a generator for your booth. Then you’re golden and your can hook some light ups no problamo! On another note some art walks don’t let you bring a generator so you have to find some battery operated ones. Lanterns or string lights works great for that!

Amazon (Lantern):

Amazon (String Lights):

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Additional things for Artists

If you’re an artist setting up for your craft fair or vendor booth. Your display may require some additional items.

Art Prints

As an artist it’s important to know that original artworks might not sell as quickly as a print or other knick knacks.  Most people can’t afford original artwork but if you have some prints for sale you have a better chance selling a few. A couple bucks here, a couple bucks there. By the end of the art walk or fair you realize you did better than you thought. Trust me, they add up!

The hardest part is ordering your prints. Lucky enough for you, I’ve done my research and found a website that prints them for you for an affordable cost and plenty of options of paper stock.

Giclee Today:

Display Grids

Grids are more ideal once you’ve been setting up a few art walk displays. I say this because they can get pricey. They’re also a pain to move around. They’re not necessary but definitely a game changer. I still don’t have any grids to hang my art. To be honest I’m saving up for some but I’m using easels in the mean time.

Store Supply Warehouse:

Display 2 Go:

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Artist Helping ArtistsArt Walk in Southern California: Riverside, CA

That sums up my things to bring for your art walk display. You should be all set for your art booth! I hope your display stands out and you have a successful art walk! Feel free to share any of your art walk, fair, festival, or  farmers market, adventures. Or if you feel like I forget anything please let me know. Happy art selling!

-xoxo, Chelz

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