Happy Buddha The Paint Sesh Paint and Puff Painting

by admin
Happy Buddha The Paint Sesh Painting

“Happy Buddha” is going to be scheduled for an upcoming Paint & Puff 420-Friendly Cannabis Event for my mobile painting party business The Paint Sesh, so come paint with me if your out in Inland Empire or Southern California area. I haven’t even started #The100DayProject and I’m already doing all the creative things,  like my “Happy Buddha” The Paint Sesh paint and puff painting that’s how inspired I am! This is gonna be good, I can feel it!

My 100 Day Project challenge is going to be #100DaysofCreatingColorfully where I’m going to just create with vibrant colors, whether it’s painting, drawing, or taking photos! I can’t decide on one medium! See my last post for the deets of my art challenge. I was going to start my art challenge today but I figured why not start with everyone else?! I’d rather be part of the group so we can all encourage and support one another! Let’s do this!

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