by Chelsea Franzer

Live Painting

Preserve your memory, in a beautiful and entertaining art form, on canvas through live painting with Chelzart.

Imagine capturing your life or company event in a painting. Experience and watch your event come to life in vibrant colors as Chelz Franzer depicts your celebration in front of you your guests and keep the memory in a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Besides giving yourself a cherished, unique gift that’ll make an awesome conversation starter in your home, your guests will love the artistic element added to your special day.

Capture Your Magical Moment

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…or just because!

Live Painting FAQ's

About Chelzart: Art Instructor Chelz Franzer

What is live painting?

Live Painting is an improvisational performance in which a visual artist, usually accompanied by a DJ or live Music, over a short period of time, creates a painting in front of an audience.

Unlike a traditional setting in which a painter works privately in an enclosed studio over an extended period of time and shares his or her work in a gallery only after it is finished, in a Live Painting performance an artists lets the audience watch the painting process unfold from beginning to completion within a short period of time in a public setting.

Why choose Chelz to perform live art at your event?

Chelz Franzer is a professional Live Artist who engages, entertains and welcomes her audience to become part of the creative process. She paints quickly, adapts easily to the energy of the event, and captivates her audience easily by painting dynamically. Over a short period of time, she creates work that captures your guests and the special moment of your event.

If you want something extra special to and colorful to spice up the energy at your event, Chelz is the artist to contact.

What needs to be provided for the artist at my event?

Although space and lighting accommodations may depend on the venue and the size of the desired painting, generally, the artist will need a minimum space of about 6′ x 6′ and an electrical outlet nearby (if the event is held indoors).

Chelz brings all live painting and drawing related materials including an easel, paper, canvas, paint, brushes, palette, drop cloths, plastic, clip-on lights, and a small table for her art materials.

Are the guests allowed watch and ask questions as she paints?

Yes! Chelz is accustomed to painting in public spaces and welcomes questions about her art and creative process during the event.

Do I get to keep the artwork?

Yes you do! Her artwork makes memorable record of your event! By the end of the event it is ready to hang in your home, office or if you would like to auction off the artwork for your organization’s fundraising goals.

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