word on the street is…

“The artist/teacher: Chelz was great. She was very professional and added some humor into the night. She completely personalized it and did a great job. She was attentive yet focused. She just did absolutely well and I was impressed. For such a young lady, I was taken back by her high professionalism and being able to set up a room, with extra lighting, control a room full of people and alcohol, she quickly problem solved and was able to solve problems whether it be, someone’s painting wasn’t coming out right—how do I fix this? Coming from a long history in business management, I was again, highly impressed. Thank you Chelz for a great night of painting. Our 1st time!!!! Can’t wait to go again!”

– Lauren Kessen, Private Lessons

“I’ve been impressed with Chelsea’s artistic skills for as long as I’ve known her. When Chelz took on the project of painting my dog Porky, I knew to expect only the best and Chelsea did not disappoint. I am absolutely in love with the portrait she created. Chelsea’s amazing use of color and details brought this portrait to life. Porky’s portrait is now hanging proudly in our home and everyone who visits is so impressed with Chelsea’s work.”

– Alisha Homan, Custom Artwork

“Chelsea is such an amazing artist. Her attention to detail and the way she utilizes her skills and techniques is absolutely beautiful. I was beyond impressed with the work she created for me!”

– Daniel Rodriguez, Custom Artwork

“Chelz posted a picture of a painting she had done and I loved it! It was a beautiful landscape with palm trees, filled with vibrant colors, like a warm sunset near a Cali beach. I had messaged her and asked if she could paint me something similar to hang on the walls of my new house, and she delivered! It proudly hangs in my living room, and I am looking to fill the wall with even more lovely works of art from her!”
– Toni Franzer, Custom Artwork

“The instructor has great personality and energy…engages guests and creates a great atmosphere. And she was very attentive to all guest sorts.”

– Allison Nichols, Private Lessons

I like how Chelz went through step by step and left time to catch up or ask questions. Very helpful and kept the class low-stress.

– Ben Hall, Private Lessons

“Chelz is an amazing teacher and person – she is enthusiastic, helpful, patient, down-to-earth, talented, welcoming, and very encouraging. Even if someone was not giving Chelz his/her 100% attention, Chelz remained kind and did not show any feelings of resentment or irritation. This aspect is essential in creating a comfortable environment for participants to grow their love for painting and improve their skill. She’s so hardworking, too – she briefly mentioned how today was her 3rd consecutive instruction day. Her energy levels did not display this at all – she was energetic throughout the event.”

– Erin Kemper, Private Lessons

I absolutely LOVED the instructor!! She was so nice, relaxed and went at the perfect pace for everyone. She was very friendly and came around often to check on people’s progress and try to help any way she could if needed. I would definitely go to another one of her lessons!

– Jill Homan, Private Lessons

“I hired Chelz to do some business cards for me. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted so she presented me with several color schemes and card designs. She helped me narrow it down to one idea to my liking. I’ll definitely be going to her again!”

– Calli Rammel, Illustrations
“Chelz is a very talented artist and has been a tremendous asset to my team.  Her innate design ability is off the charts and she’s always willing to tackle any project no matter how difficult.  Whether it’s production design, graphic design, painting, or photography, this chick will rock your socks off every time.

– Cory Stoken, Illustrations

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