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in southern california

Private art lessons in Southern California:

Chelz’s private art lessons in Long Beach, California and surrounding areas are for all age groups, adults or kids.I strive to provide my students with a better appreciation of the arts and their own thoughts and abilities. We will work on technical skills, composition, color theory, develop eye-hand coordination, and focus on what the needs are as an artist. My objective is to help you become more confident in your abilities, and be able to develop your own personal style.

Art is a form of therapy:

To create without a financial agenda or deadline, simply for curiosity’s or pleasure’s sake, is essential for the creative individuals! To explore and experiment, to take risks and to find comfort with doubt! Making art is both powerful and empowering. It’s a creative problem-solving activity with the added incentive of creating a thing of beauty or sharing ideas through images. I am eager to help you achieve your art goals using customized private art lessons.

kids art lessons

Kids Private Art Lessons

adult art lessons

Adult Private Art Lessons in painting located in the Inland Empire of Riverside, CA

Art Lesson FAQ's

All your private art lessons questions answered…

what are private art
lessons by chelz? 

what are private art lessons by chelz?

If you’re looking for more of a one-on-one class to learn or improve on your art skills, this is the lesson for you! For individualized attention catered to your level and interests. You can request any kind of subject matter for your private art lesson using any media in any combination you want. Each class is specifically designed for each student, considering their age, skill level, interests and goals.


where are the private
art lessons held?

what are private art lessons by chelz?

Chelz commutes to the comfort of your own home with private art lessons in Southern California area, range from Riverside, CA in the Inland Empire, to Long Beach, CA in the Los Angeles County area to Huntington Beach, CA in Orange County. If you would prefer to go out to your favorite cafe or enjoy some nature at a park, we can make that work too!


how often can I have
private art lessons?

what are private art lessons by chelz?

Customized private art lessons in Southern California can be set up based on your own availability. It is up to you how often you want your lessons to take place, whether its daily, monthly, etc. Week day hours normally work best for me but I will do my best to work with your schedule.  Private lessons range from 1-2 hours.


why private art
lessons by chelz?

what are private art lessons by chelz?

Everyone is different and therefore everyone’s creative expression is different. I think we get enough judgement in life. Therefore, I wanna do more than just teach whats right vs. whats wrong. That’s not what the practice and exploration of art is about. At the end of the day just have fun with your creativity and, not worrying about achieving perfection. You might just amaze yourself. My goal to provide a positive, free-spirit atmosphere for a successful creative experience with the use of vibrant colors!


who can take Chelz’s
private art lessons?

what are private art lessons by chelz?

Art-making can be learned and enjoyed by both kids and adults with Chelz’s private art lessons in Southern California! Kids aged from 7+ are usually quite comfortable in their creativity and are eager to improve their art skills! For adults, sometimes you just need a stress-free creative outlet. Adults who are looking for a night out with some friends, for a more painting party experience come paint with me at my business The Paint Sesh!


how much are private
art lessons by Chelz?

what are private art lessons by chelz?


$30/ 1 hour
$35/ 1 hour (with supplies)

$50/ 2 hours
$55/ 2 hours (with supplies)


$50/ 1 hour
$60/ 1 hour (with supplies)

$80/ 2 hours 
$90/ 2 hours (with supplies)

Frequent booking and Group rates are available. I try to work with everyone’s budget!  You won’t find these prices for private art lessons through, Chelz’s creating colorfully approach, anywhere else!



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Private Art Lessons in Southern California:

Chelz travels to you, anywhere in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Orange County area..

Quality, Affordable, & Creative:

The costs above are for one individual per kid & adult private art lessons in Southern California. If you are wanting to take a lesson with a few friends, I will work with you on a group rate.

Payment will need to be made before the first private art lesson can be booked. I accept payment through  PayPal.


Cancellation Policy:

Please give me at least 48 hours in advance if you need to re-schedule. I understand when emergencies arise and will work to accommodate a makeup lesson. Missed lessons will still be charged. Be mindful of time scheduled due to other commitments and the driving commute. I am aware of that life can get busy at times so let’s help each other! 


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