Good Vibes: Himalayan Salt Lamp Glitter Holographic Sticker


Good Vibes is a colorful salt rock lamp sticker created on glitter holographic vinyl. So it not only shines but it sparkles too!

The pink salt of the Himalayan rock is thought to release negative ions into your space.  In conclusion, this colorful Good Vibes sticker is so suiting!

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♥  Himalayan Salt Lamp Holographic Sticker printed on glitter rainbow metallic vinyl
♥ Changes vibrancy in a different light
♥ Scratch-resistant and weatherproof
♥ made with high-quality vinyl

Salt Lamp Sticker used for:

• Laptop stickers
• Notebook stickers
• Bumper stickers for cars
• Cellphone stickers
• Water bottle stickers
• Treat Yo Self

 © Artwork is copyright of Chelzart

Please note, Chelzart reserves all copyright and reproduction rights. Therefore, my art and products can’t be reproduced in any way.  Thank you, for understanding.

Himalayan Salt Lamp glitter holographic stickers are also available on my Etsy Shop. Or love this design? Good Vibes is also available as enamel pins.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .1 in


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